2020 Goals & Resolutions

Happy 2020! A new decade, haven’t showered since last year, blah blah, you’ve heard it all before.

2019 was a year that was fairly clear to me: I knew I was going to move out and focus mostly on training my service dog. 2020, however, is a blank slate. I have very little actually planned and I have no clue what this year is going to bring. It’s exciting but also a little daunting!

Update on last year’s goals:

  • Move out: done, obviously. I am so happy to live in my own space!
  • Visit Amersfoort: completed!
  • Grow out my hair: nope, and it’s never going to happen. I love my pixie cut too much!
  • Read 25 books: I read 53 books, so much more than I expected!
  • Watch 50 movies: failed, I only watched 28.
  • Keep up with my sleep schedule: accomplished, thanks Nugget!
  • Have 2 daily moments of reflection: eh, could’ve been better. The mornings went okay but the evenings were hard. This is a habit I’m still working on.

(A 2019 In Review video is coming, just give my ADHD brain a little more time! I am working on like a million projects at once! Help!)

Here are my plans for 2020:

Read 50 books

Like I do every year since 2011, I am participating in the Goodreads Reading Challenge. I set my goal to 50 books because I completed that goal easily this year, but I still don’t want to pressure myself too much. I want to alternate between physical books, e-books, library books, and audiobooks.

I also want to have a nice balance between fiction and non-fiction. Last year, I read a lot of non-fiction because I had ‘grown out’ of YA books and didn’t know how to get back into fiction. Now I seem to have a better idea of the kind of (general fiction) books I like and I’m excited to get back into stories.

Some books I’m looking forward to reading are The Art of Making Memories by Meik Wiking (2019), The Midnight Library by Matt Haig (2020), The Switch by Beth O’Leary (2020), and Birthday by Meredith Russo (2019).

Watch 15 movies

Okay, so, turns out I’m not much of a movie person an 50 movies is an unattainable goal. But I still want to challenge myself to watch more than I otherwise would, so 15 seems good. I also want to go see a horror movie in theaters, Nugget seems to be fine with them at home so I have no worries!

I still haven’t watched Paddington 2 (2017) and BlacKkKlansman (2018) that I wanted to watch last year, so those are still on the list, as well as Booksmart (2019) and Your Name (2016).

Participate in a 5K

This was one of my secret goals for last year but it obviously didn’t happen because I kept it secret and I NEED ACCOUNTABILITY! So I told my personal trainer and my running friends and we’re going to do it! Starting with a 4K trail run in January to practise and get Nugget used to the atmosphere. The 5K will be somewhere in spring or early summer.

Go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour

I’ve already been, but new things have been added since then and I want to go with my best friend! Traveling abroad with Nugget is a bit of a hassle though, so it will take meticulous planning. Last time I visited England, I took a plane because it was a bit of a spontaneous trip and I went by myself. I have since sworn off plane travel and am either taking the train or car!

I also want to see Cursed Child! (Yes, the script is terrible, but I’ve heard the play itself is really great if you just kind of ignore the plot.)

Become a vegetarian

Because of my eating disorder, I haven’t been able to go full vegetarian yet, but there is only ONE meat product left that I still eat, one of my safe foods (a Dutch snack called a frikandel). I’ve heard there’s a veggie substitute coming out for it soon (I’m assuming it’ll be this year) so I hope that will help make the transition easier.

I also want to try more vegan food. Going full vegan would kill me, but I try to replace what I can! A glass jar of vegan mayo is just one less plastic-packaged tub of regular mayo, so I take all the wins I can get.

Organize a golden retriever doggydate

Goldens are my favorite dog breed and I love seeing Nugget play with fellow golden nuggets. So I want to organize a doggydate with a bunch of other goldens (that I know from a Facebook group) somewhere central, so the dogs can play together.

No more loose notes, everything in bullet journal

My chaotic ADHD brain loves to write down things on notes that will subsequently be scattered all over my house, so I want to start following the bullet journal method to a T and write down everything in there, even the messy stuff. Brain dumps galore!

Start trauma therapy

It took a few years but I’m finally ready to start trauma therapy. It’s going to be hard but I have the time for it now and I’m mentally prepared so I gotta get it out of the way this year.

Get another tattoo

On December 27th, 2019 I finally got a tattoo to commemorate my brother who passed away in 2008. I already had a tattoo but I’d forgotten how it felt, so I was really nervous about the pain. Turns out, it wasn’t actually that bad and I’m ready for another! This is one I’ve had planned for years, it will say “this too shall pass” in my own handwriting on my right underarm.

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