Document Your Life: A Video Project

Document Your Life is an online video project that will hopefully make you notice the beautiful little things in the world, and inspire you to live your life to the fullest.

How it works? Make a video each month (or season, whatever you prefer), for which you film short clips of the things you’ve seen and done in that month. Add some nice background music and you have a tiny documentary about your life in snippets.

I started this project because I wanted to look back on these times when I’m older, in a way that’s more fun and creative than reading old journals. Since then, it has helped me a lot with my recovery from depression and anxiety by going out, doing stuff, seeing friends, and taking little steps out of my comfort zone.

Practical info

You do not need a super fancy camera to participate. A small point-and-shoot camera will do, but a DSLR gives you more freedom to grow. Phones with HD video are okay too. Preferred quality 720p or higher.

When uploading your video to YouTube, add a link to my website (you are here!) in your video description. If you want, you can also include some information on what the project is about.

Always include credits to the artist or band you used for background music. Include a link to their website, and links to iTunes/Spotify/Bandcamp if possible. You owe them that much! Also make sure to check the song’s copyright info on YouTube before editing to the music so you don’t come across any surprises (like your video not being playable in Germany, or unavailable on mobile devices).

Frequently Asked Questions

What video editing software should I use?

That depends on your budget and what computer you’re using. For beginners on Mac I would recommend iMovie, and beginners on Windows will have to resort to Movie Maker. If you’re more serious about making videos, you can consider buying a program. I personally use Adobe Premiere, but there are also people who use Final Cut Pro, Filmora, and Pinnacle Studio.

What camera and lenses do you use?

I use a Nikon D5100 with these lenses: 18-105mm, 70-300mm, and 50mm f/1.8D. I also use a GoPro Hero 3+ Black with a head strap. Tripods I use are the Velbon Videomate 638 tripod and the Gorillapod SLR-Zoom tripod.


Here are some of my favorite videos that I’ve made in the past few years. I strive to make a video each month, but sometimes I combine months if I don’t have much footage to work with. And every year, I do a Year In Review video that is super fast-paced and exciting!

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