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My Bullet Journal Supplies |

Here is the truth: you don’t need more than a notebook and a pen to keep a bullet journal. You really don’t. However, some tools can still be really useful for making your bullet journal more personal and most importantly, to boost your productivity — the whole goal of keeping a bullet journal in the first place.

When the inside of my bullet journal is just a sea of black text on white paper, I get lost. I’m a visual thinker, which means I process things more quickly if they’re made visual. I color-code so I can see at a glance what area of my life a task or event relates to, and I use colored markers to fill in habit trackers and highlight important information.

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Book Review: The Bullet Journal Method

This post includes affiliate links. This book was given to me for review. In no way does this affect my opinion of the books or the content of my review. The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll Age Group/Genre:…

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Two Months Into My 2018 Bullet Journal

I was going to do a ‘one month into my bullet journal’ post but then procrastination happened, so now you get to see January and February all wrapped up, and my set-up for March. In my previous post about…

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My Weird 2017 ‘Bullet Journal’

  In December of 2016, I started getting into bullet journal videos on YouTube. Back then, I thought it wasn’t ‘for me’, so I just enjoyed the videos and went on with my day. To me, bullet journaling seemed…