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E-Readers: Kindle vs. Kobo

I’ve been using an e-reader since July of 2020, and I gotta say, I’m completely hooked. A blog post about my switch from paper books to e-books will follow, but for now I want to tell you about the differences between the two major e-readers. Having tried both, I can say with confidence that I prefer the Kobo. But different people look for different things in their devices, so I thought I’d list some of the reasons you could go for either one.

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Book Review: BOSH! How to Live Vegan

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for a review. In no way does this affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. BOSH! How to Live Vegan by Henry Firth &…


My Favorite Podcasts

Podcasts seem to be all the rage these days. It took me a long time to properly get into them because I never really found one that stuck with me, until I discovered my #1 favorite podcast Potterless! Now…


2020 Goals & Resolutions

Happy 2020! A new decade, haven’t showered since last year, blah blah, you’ve heard it all before. 2019 was a year that was fairly clear to me: I knew I was going to move out and focus mostly on…


Document Your Life: June – October 2019

In which I visit the Dutch island Texel for the summer, get settled at my new apartment, go on lots of walks, and celebrate my dog’s birthday. Music:Andrew Dempsen – Get Healthy (Bandcamp)…


Mini Book Reviews: Q3 of 2019

I can’t believe it took me this long but I’ve finally found the secret to surpassing my reading challenge… In August, I really got into audiobooks. I’ve been listening to them while doing chores, riding my bike, and walking…


Mini Book Reviews: Q2 of 2019

In the second quarter of 2019 I had very little time to read because I moved out! I got my keys in May and moved sometime mid-June, so I mostly spent my time in homeware stores and painting my…