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Pupdate #1: Visits, Waiting & Stress

Just a little update on my service dog puppy situation… or a “pupdate”, if you will. 😉

The last update I wrote was about the birth of the puppies. Since then, we’ve visited several times and it’s been great to be able to see my puppy growing up from the beginning, even if I don’t yet know which of the little ones will be mine. I’ll find out on December 5th, when all the puppies will be tested on personality and temperament. A few days later, on December 9th, I will be taking her home with me!

I’ve been very stressed lately, partly because I wasn’t caught up on editing my Document Your Life videos (I am now!) and partly because getting a dog for the first time is a bit scary. It’s a lot of responsibility and I’ve never had a dog before, but from past experiences dogsitting and training, I’m sure I’ll do great!

My autistic brain doesn’t deal well with change, no matter how fun and exciting the change is. I’ve been experiencing anxiety, chest pain, and shortness of breath, but every time we visit the pups, I feel a bit better in the days after. Not knowing what to expect exactly makes me anxious. I’m hoping this means that once she’s home I’ll be fine, albeit sleep-deprived from potty training.

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Left: 1 week old, right: 2 weeks old


Left: 4 weeks old, right: 5 weeks old


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