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Books I’m Getting Rid Of

I’ve been putting this off for the longest time, but I may finally apply minimalism to my book collection (at least a little bit).

I’ve always said that my book collection is excluded from my minimalist lifestyle. I was working hard towards a massive home library that had each and every book I had read in my lifetime, whether I enjoyed the book or not. I spent hours hunting down the books I read in childhood, so I could add them to my Goodreads profile and have the number of books I’d read be complete.

I no longer feel like this fits me. I still want to have a massive home library, but when I look at my shelves, I want to see books that I remember having read. Books that I rated at least 3 stars, books I enjoyed. Books that mean something to me. Books I’d consider re-reading. It may take me a little longer to have my three IKEA Billy shelves all filled up, but it’s worth it if it means I can look at my book collection and feel joy.

I will make sure all of these books find a good home, whether that’s through selling them, or donating them to Better World Books.

If you’re curious about why I got rid of certain books, keep reading.

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Books Minimalism

Book Review: Goodbye, Things

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Goodbye, Things: On Minimalist Living
by Fumio Sasaki

Age Group/Genre: Non-Fiction
Publication date: April 11th, 2017 (first published in Japan on June 12th, 2015)
Publisher: Penguin
Pages: 256
Format: Paperback

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Fumio Sasaki is a writer in his thirties who lives in a tiny studio in Tokyo with three shirts, four pairs of trousers, four pairs of socks and not much else. A few years ago, he realized that owning so much stuff was weighing him down — so he started to get rid of it.

In this hit Japanese bestseller, Sasaki explores the philosophy behind minimalism and offers a set of straightforward rules — discard it if you haven’t used it in a year; be a borrower; find your uniform; keep photos of the things you love — that can help all of us lead simpler, happier, more fulfilled lives.

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Books Minimalism

On Book Blogging, Physical Copies, and Minimalism

This post was originally posted on my book blog Lauren Reads YA in March 2016.

‘BookTube’ and ‘Bookstagram’ has made some significant changes in the way we — bloggers, readers, Goodreads users, BookTubers, etc. — think about our books. The book blogging community that existed before BookTube was a thing didn’t have this problem, because book blogging seems to be more focused on the inside of a book rather than the outside, whereas BookTube is very much about showing off your books and filming book hauls in front of your enormous bookshelves and all that. That’s partly, of course, because it’s such a visual medium, and you want to have something to show that is not just a book cover taken off Google Images.

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