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Two Months Into My 2018 Bullet Journal

I was going to do a ‘one month into my bullet journal’ post but then procrastination happened, so now you get to see January and February all wrapped up, and my set-up for March.

In my previous post about bullet journaling, I showed you how I kept a sort-of bullet journal in a yearly Moleskine planner. For 2018, I decided I liked the system enough to invest in a Leuchtturm 1917 journal. It’s an expensive journal especially if it only lasts you 6 months, but it’s proven to work much better for me than a cheap, low-quality journal.

My personal bullet journaling system has changed a lot as I moved into the new journal. Previously, I only had weekly to-dos, and did daily journaling. Now I make a to-do list almost every day, and journal only when something significant happens. The daily to-do list is essential to manage my executive functioning issues.

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Bullet Journal

My Weird 2017 ‘Bullet Journal’


In December of 2016, I started getting into bullet journal videos on YouTube. Back then, I thought it wasn’t ‘for me’, so I just enjoyed the videos and went on with my day. To me, bullet journaling seemed more like creative procrastination than productive planning.

I wasn’t really into the hand lettering, collages, washi tapes, and drawing that I saw other people do in their bujos, and I think a lot of people still believe this misconception that that is what bullet journaling is. Sure, for some people it is largely about washi tape and hand lettering, but there are plenty of people who prefer the simplistic style that the creator of the bullet journal, Ryder Carroll, uses. They call them ‘minimalist(ic) bullet journals’, if you want to know what to search for.

In the video below, Ryder Carroll explains the basic bullet journal system:

So, it was December: time to buy a new planner for the upcoming year. I was curious about trying out a bullet journal but didn’t feel ready for it yet. So I bought the usual: a black softcover weekly Moleskine planner.

In January of 2017, I was starting to regret that decision. The more journaling videos I watched, the more excited I got about starting a bullet journal.

I didn’t want to buy an entirely new journal and let that brand new Moleskine planner go to waste, so I decided to just try out ‘bullet journaling’ in my weekly planner. If I ended up liking it, I’d do it properly the next year.

Looking back, I think this way of journaling can work very well for some people. If you don’t have the time or energy to make every page layout yourself, but still want to try out some bullet journal techniques or implement a daily journaling habit, this could be the way to do it.

I took the basic bullet journal system and modified it to what I needed it to be. I needed weekly tasks (because spoon levels are unpredictable), short sections for daily journaling, and a pre-made layout. In my next journal I will do things differently, but for 2017, this worked.

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